Tom Jonard's Science Page

    I am not a scientist, at least not a professional one.  If anything I am a computer technician.  As such I appreciate the positive impact that science has had on our lives.  In addition I look to science for answers to the most basic questions we can ask about our physical world.

    I am interested in the following subject areas:

      .Astronomy and Cosmology (see my Astronomy pages)
      .Consciousness and the Mind
      .Quantum Mechanics
      .Life, its origin and evolution..New 7/2/04
      .Special and General Relativity

    In addition I am interested in:

      .Scientific method
      .Science education
      .Objective inquiry

    Here is a bit about my science life journey.
    Here is an essay about science and faith, which are both important to me.
    Here are some other interesting sites.

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    Created April 24, 2001, 
    © 2001, Thomas A. Jonard