Thomas A. Jonard, Computer Systems Analyst

I specialize in HP/Compaq/Digital Alpha, VAX and other computer systems running the OpenVMS operating system.  Despite rumors to the contrary OpenVMS is not dead.

I am something of a dinosaur because I am old enough to know what a mini-computer is and to have worked with quite a few while they were new.  But if this is the kind of expertise you need then you need someone like me rather than some kid who thinks data processing began with the PC.  If you want someone who knows System Management, 7X24 Operations, Security, Disaster Recovery, Backup, Clustering that works, Networking, Structured Project Management and how to write Reliable and Maintainable Applications then you want me.

I work for a Columbus, OH based consulting firm -- XLNsystems.  Contact us for more information.

Here is my resume.

You manage THINGS.  You lead PEOPLE.
-- Rear Admiral Grace Hopper (9-Dec-1906 - 2-Jan-1992)

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Created April 20, 2001, 
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