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Ever have the feeling that "they" are in control?  Of the news? Of the government?  Of your life?  Well get a grip!  As the cartoon character Pogo said, "We have met the enemy and they are us."  "Member of the International Conspiracy of Silence" was the way a fellow amateur astronomer signed off when the topic of the "Lunar Landing Hoax" came up on the club list-serve.  It is too good a thing to pass up and in a way it is true.  If you think about the fact that there is no they -- just us -- then we must all be members of the "International Conspiracy of Silence".  And so I hereby claim my membership therein.  There should be a web ring for this -- dedicated to all the conspiracies that deluded, phantasy-prone people imagine control their lives and that provide endless entertainment to the rest of us with minds and the ability or willingness to use them.

Speaking of conspiracy, the University of Virginia where I got my B.A. is host (if that is the correct word) to several secret societies (with none of which have I ever been associated).  One of these is the 7 society.  It performs its beneficent works in secrecy and mystery (such as leaving a large gift to the University in the Rotunda at the feet of the statue of Thomas Jefferson at midnight on the 7th of July).  Its members are unknown until their deaths when their obituaries reveal them.  Its symbol -- a large 7 -- adorns many locations on the U.Va. campus.  Imagine my surprise to learn that their reach far exceeds the bounds of earth!   One day while looking at the famous Mariner "face of Mars" photos I was suddenly stunned by a revelation.  This was indeed a monument but not a face at all as commonly supposed.  It is a giant 7!  I wonder if I'm allowed to tell anybody?

If you think the International Conspiracy of Silence or any other conspiracy theory used to explain "why things are the way they are"  is a simple failure to apply clear, objective thought and analysis to find the facts or real explanations behind extraordinary claims then you might be interested in my Inquiry page.

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Created July 12, 2002, 
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