1. Alexis JONARD was born on Dec 23 1851 in Charleroi, Hainault Province, Belgium.(1) He owned Real Estate Purchased on Jul 13 1896 in Connorville, Jefferson Co., OH. (2) "Alexis Jonard Purchsed 1/2 acre lot from Robert J. MCLEARY for $100. on July 13, 1896. (at Connorville)?" -- HAJ transcribed by TAJ, 3/8/97 He was naturalized on Dec 17 1898 in Steubenville, Jefferson Co., OH.(3) He resided between 1910 and 1917 in Tiltonsville, Jefferson Co., OH. (4) He died on Jun 9 1917.(5)

Adolphine LECLERCQ (daughter of Francis LECLERCQ and Josephine [SURNAME UNKNOWN]) was born on Dec 2 1854 in Charleroi, Hainault Province, Belgium. (1)(6) The spelling of Adolphine's last name is moot. One source -- Avis de Changement de Residence for Alexis and family -- is hand-written and appears to spell Leclereq. Her Memorial Card has Leclere. Her great-grand-daughter spells it Leclerq. TAJ, 3/8/97 She resided between 1910 and 1940 in Tiltonsville, Jefferson Co., OH. (7) She died on May 3 1940 in Tiltonsville, Jefferson Co., OH. (8)(9) (6) Alexis JONARD and Adolphine LECLERCQ had the following children:

child+2 i. Esther JONARD.
child+3 ii. Augusta JONARD.
child+4 iii. Alfred JONARD.
child+5 iv. Eugenie JONARD.
child+6 v. Alex JONARD.
child+7 vi. Amelia JONARD.

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