How I Got This Domain Name

I bought this domain name through  First I tried to buy my name -- Jonard.  But is owned by a company named Jonard Industries which has nothing to do with my family.  Rather it was founded by Joe Bernard who merged his names to get Jo-nard!  Jonard is an unusual name and all the Jonard's I know of are directly descended from one immigrant family.  So it seems to me even more unusual that someone should make up the name.  But, as they say, unusual happens. is owned by someone who's first name is Jonard.  Talk about unusual.  But apparently not too in spanish speaking countries. and are owned by one guy who took the first three letters of his first name and his last name (Ard is his last name) and combined them to get the name.  So the Jonard family is out of luck if any of us wishes to have any of these domain names for their web site(s) as they are all owned by non-family members.

I thought my next best bet was tjonard because that turns out to be my username on a lot of systems and it is easy for friends and strangers to figure out.  Additionally, I didn't personally feel like a .com or .net or .org .  At one place on the website it says .ws stands for WebSite.  "Cool!", I thought.  Also better than .name which was not available yet and which would require the whole url to be . 

If you check you will also find that .ws is the country designation for Samoa (Western Samoa?).  Well, I might wish I was there but I'm not.  This is just my WebSite.

Here is the official Somoan domain registration site.

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Created April 24, 2001,
© 2001, Thomas A. Jonard